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Ascendium Education Group Releases 2020 Education Philanthropy Report: Empowering Possibilities

Madison, WI—Ascendium Education Group has released its 2020 Education Philanthropy report, Empowering Possibilities. The report tells the story of Ascendium’s philanthropy during an unprecedented time and the tremendous efforts of our grant partners who were able to advance their work despite numerous challenges.

We made $111.4 million in new grants to a variety of nonprofit organizations, researchers and other partners in 2020 — our highest total ever. While the coming year will continue to challenge us all, Ascendium remains steadfast in our mission and strategy, while still being flexible and responsive to the evolving needs of our partners and the people they serve.

Ascendium’s grantmaking strategy focuses on helping more learners from low-income backgrounds achieve their educational and career goals, especially those in historically underrepresented groups: first-generation students, incarcerated adults, rural community members, students of color and veterans. We are committed to advancing ideas at every stage in their development, from promising but untested approaches to proven practices deserving to be brought to scale. Ascendium works on system-level change, because we believe in education as the great equalizer, creating equitable opportunity for social mobility.

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