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Who We Are

Ascendium is a nonprofit organization dedicated to removing barriers and driving innovation. We create opportunities for learners from low-income backgrounds to achieve academic and career success.

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About Us

Our functions vary, but our vision is constant: To create a world where everyone has the opportunity to rise to their highest potential.

Our History

The Ascendium story began in 1967 when we were established as Wisconsin's federal student loan guarantor.

Our Leaders

Through their combined experience, knowledge and passion for helping others, Ascendium’s leaders empower us to live out our mission to champion opportunity for everyone.

Community Giving

Collaboration is key to building strong communities. That's why Ascendium awards grants to organizations in the Madison, Wisconsin, area that share our commitment to helping others.
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Community Involvement

Ascendium employees are not only passionate about championing opportunity in their work with customers and partners, but they're also passionate about spreading opportunity to the members of their community.