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Press Kit

For those writing about us, here's a quick overview of our company and branding.

About Ascendium

We're a nonprofit that believes postsecondary education is the most effective opportunity maker, whether in the form of a university degree, technical certificate, apprenticeship or any other credential that leads to a fulfilling career. Our vision is a world where everyone has the opportunity to rise to their highest potential. We work every day to break down the barriers preventing people from achieving their academic and career goals.

Ascendium Name and Usage

  • When referring to Ascendium for the first time, use "Ascendium Education Group." In subsequent references within that same communication, use "Ascendium."
  • When writing about Ascendium in news releases and formal publications, please include the following description.

    Ascendium Education Group is committed to making education and training after high school a reality for learners from low-income backgrounds. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we fund initiatives across the U.S. that help learners from low-income backgrounds achieve upward mobility; provide student and employee success solutions to colleges and businesses; invest in education-focused innovations to improve learner outcomes; and provide information, tools, and counseling to help millions of borrowers successfully repay their federal student loans. While we have many roles, we have one goal — elevating opportunity by creating a world where everyone can rise to their highest potential. To learn more, visit


Before using the Ascendium logo, review our Ascendium Logo Guidelines for direction on how to use and apply the logo for different situations. The EPS format works well for professionally printed materials. The JPEG and PNG formats work well for all other materials. 

Quick Facts

  • We were founded in 1967.
  • We employ over 260 employees nationwide.
  • Our corporate headquarters is in Madison, Wisconsin.
  • We hold guarantees on nearly $35 billion in Federal Family Education Loan Program loans.
  • We support over one million borrowers nationwide with repaying their federal student loans.
  • We partner with colleges, employers and financial institutions to provide a comprehensive suite of solutions, called Attigo. These solutions support academic achievement, financial wellness and student loan repayment success. Attigo is a Latin word meaning to reach and achieve.
  • Our earnings are channeled into our national education philanthropy program. We're one of the nation's largest funders of postsecondary education and workforce training initiatives.
  • We invest in companies at the forefront of revolutionizing education delivery and financial services. These investments allow us to take measurable steps toward achieving our mission while realizing financial returns that we channel into our philanthropy program.