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A Note for Borrowers

Ascendium Education Solutions (Ascendium) is our new name since November of 2018 and replaces Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation (GLHEGC) (and as of January 1, 2019, its USAF and NELA affiliates). If you have/had loans with GLHEGC, USAF or NELA, you will now see Ascendium on communications, on your credit report file, on tax documents 1098-E or 1099-C and on Treasury notices pertaining to an IRS offset. Rest assured that the actions performed by Ascendium are the same actions that were performed by GLHEGC, USAF and NELA. On credit reports, the Ascendium trade line replaces GLHEGC, USAF and NELA. The only difference is our name. For credit report and refund questions, please contact our guarantor loan servicer at 800-331-2314.